About us
Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves...

Corn Dog 7 is a family owned business that is famous for our corn dogs, seasoned fries, funnel cakes, and fresh squeezed lemonade. 

Corn Dog 7 was founded in 1978 by L Ray McKinney, Stephen McKinney, and Bill Clark. This name was chosen because of the biblical significance of the number 7 and because there are 7 people in L Ray's family. At Corn Dog 7, our desire is to offer the best quality product with the best quality service. We want all of our customers to leave saying that was "Better Than Good!"

We hope that each of you continue to enjoy Corn Dog 7 for many years to come!

See What Customers Are Saying!

"The motto Better Than Good says it all! Corn Dog 7 is the alpha and the omega of corn dogs, period!"                                   -Ken Gerdes
"Cheese on a stick, best thing ever invented. Except maybe bacon, but even then it's still a close second"                               -Caleb Warren
"Epic. Great food, awesome lemonade, and amazing leadership!"
                                                              -Garet West